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Industrial Dehumidifier

Industrial dehumidifiers are usually larger as they cater to too many heavy-duty areas that contain machinery. The moisture levels in the air need to be closely monitored as the machinery require that certain level of the operating environment and if the environment is not maintained this may lead to the failure of the machinery.

They are mostly used in water treatment plants, disaster management systems, storage and shipping facilities. The specifications to remove the moisture and the dehumidification process is not as simple as the one you will see for home dehumidifiers and hence installing them turn out to be complex.

Dehumidifier Selection Chart for Industrial Dehumidifiers

Please see below a graphic chart for an initial understanding of the selection process. Also In order to calculate the required capacity of an industrial dehumidifier, you may use our dehumidification capacity

These are used in industries such as printing to ensure the moisture content of the papers are maintained to achieve product quality and optimum performance of the printing equipment. In grinding industries, this is required as the moisture leads to abrasive characteristics of the machinery and they lead to rust and metal particles industrial-dehumidifier-Kenya-Ethiopia-SouthAfrica-Cyprus-Mauritius-Bangladeshforming residual in the output.

Another industry where the dehumidifiers are most in use is the food processing industry as the food processing requires a certain level of humidity and moisture content in the environment and controlling them using dehumidifiers avoid the cause of coagulation of packaging at high dew points.

Types & Models of Industrial dehumidifiers

Both desiccant type and condensation type dehumidifiers are used for industrial applications. The units of bigger capacities are used for these purposes. The condensation type industrial dehumidifiers will convert moisture into the water and will be drained out. The desiccant type will separate wet and dry air using adsorption method. The wet air will be thrown out of the room, thus reducing the humidity of the room.

We are listing below a few of our models of industrial dehumidifiers. Please contact us with your specific requirements and our technical team will assist you in the selection process.

  1. Industrial dehumidifier model VAC-PD-1500

    1. Maximum capacity of Industrial dehumidifier VAC-PD-1500 is 300 litres per 24 hours.
    2. Capacity at 20 degrees Celsius, 60% relative humidity is 100 litres per 24 hours.
    3. Capacity at 30 degrees Celsius, 80% relative humidity is 220 litres per 24 hours.

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      Construction Dryer Drainage Pipe

    4. The airflow of this Industrial dehumidifier is 2500 cubic metre per hour.
    5. Sound level at 3 metres is 58dB(A).
    6. Supply (no neutral required) is 400 Volt, Three-phase, 50 Hz.
    7. Power input of Industrial dehumidifier VAC-PD-1500 is 2.7 kilowatt.
    8. Nominal power consumption is 6.75A.
    9. Recommended fusing is 16A.
    10. Required starting current of Industrial dehumidifier VAC-PD-1500 is 30A.
    11. Recommended room size construction drying is 1700 cubic metre/600 square metre.
    12. Product size (l x w x h) is 1100 x 700 x 1313 millimetres.
    13. Weight of VAC-PD-1500 is 130 kilograms.
  2. Industrial dehumidifier model VAC-DH-7160

    1. The capacity of VAC-DH-7160 at 30 degrees Celsius 80% relative humidity is 166 litres per 24 hours.
    2. For rooms of approx. is 2,490 cubic metre.
    3. For restoration after the flood is 996 cubic metre.
    4. Air displacement of VAC-DH-7160 is 1,700 cubic metre per hour.industrial-basement-dehumidifier-Chad-Ghana-Rwanda-Uganda-Nigeria
    5. Operating temperature range is 5 to 32 degrees Celsius.
    6. Operating humidity range is 30 to 90 percentage.
    7. The refrigerant of VAC-DH-7160 is R407C.
    8. Power consumption of VAC-DH-7160 is 2,820W.
    9. The power supply is 380-400 Volt, Three-phase, 50 Hz.
    10. Sound level is 70dB(A).
    11. The compressor of VAC-DH-7160 is Rotary.
    12. Product size (l x w x h) is 582 x 410 x 1624 millimetres.
    13. Weight of VAC-DH-7160 is 102 kilograms.
  3. Industrial Dehumidifier & construction dryer model VAC-TTK350S

    This will be the best model if you are looking for a traditional EU manufactured dehumidifier which is cheap as well as reliable. The Plastic glazed metal frame, Carriage holder with large wheels helps to give extreme mobility for the device and also it has a higher level of hot gas auto defrosting. This model can be used as construction dryer and also for various applications such as factories, warehouse, construction sites, etc.


    This is a medium range of industrial dehumidifier, which can be used for factories, warehouses, storage areas, construction sites etc. Also, this can be used as a construction dryer. The details of this unit are briefly given below.

    Industrial Dehumdifier VackerGlobal

    Industrial Dehumidifier Hygrostat

    1. Dehumidification performance at 30 °C and 80 % RH is 55 litre per day.
    2. Maximum dehumidification performance is 70 litre per day.
    3. Maximum air volume is 1,000 cubic meter per hour.
    4. The unit can operate within a temperature range of 5° to 32°C
    5. The unit can operate within a Humidity range of 32% to 100%.
    6. The unit operates at 230 Volt AC, 50 Hz.
    7. The Compressor is Reciprocating piston compressor and the cooling agent is R-407C.
    8. It has a water tank capacity of 6 litres. Also, it can be connected directly to drainage.
    9. The sound level at 1 meter is 54 dB.
    10. Dimensions of the unit without packing is 575mm (L) x 520 mm (W) x 965 mm (H).
    11. Weight of the machine without packing is 44 kg.

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    Main Specifications

    Dehumidification performance at 30 °C and 80 % RH is 55 litre per day and Maximum dehumidifier performance is 70 litres per day with a maximum air volume of 1,000 cubic meters per hour. This model operates in a temperature range of 5°C to 32° C, humidity range of 32% to 100% and within a main electrical connection of 230 Volt AC, 50 Hz.

    TTK 350s consists of reciprocating piston compressor with R-410A cooling agent and it has 6 litres of water tank capacity which can directly be connected to drain. This dehumidifier can be used at a sound level of 1 meter in 54 DB.

    The dimensions of the device excluding packaging is 575mm (L) x 520 mm (W) x 965 mm (H) and the weigh of the device is 44KG.

  4. Industrial Dehumidifier VAC-TTK400


    Industrial Dehumidifier TTK400

    TTK400 mobile condenser dryer is well known for its own high dehumidification capacity at a temperature below 15°C as well as flexibility. TTK 200 and TTK 400 have similar features but unlike TTK 200 this model can be used with more features. It consists of movable wheels and flexible carriage handles on both sides and easy to move in any pathway with one person. The condensing pump kit can install effortlessly and the device includes efficient rotation composer.

    1. The dehumidification performance at 20 °C and 60 % RH is 30 litre per hour.
    2. The dehumidification performance at 30 °C and 80 % RH is 55 litre per hour.industrial-basement-dehumidifier-VAC-TTK650S-Ethiopia-Morocco-Angola-SouthAfrica-Cyprus
    3. Maximum Dehumidification Performance is 75liter per hour.
    4. Recommended room size for dry keeping 940 m³.
    5. The dehumidifier can work in a temperature range from 0 to 40°C.
    6. The dehumidifier can work in a humidity range from 35 to 100% RH.
    7. It operates in an electrical mains connection of 230 V/50 Hz.
    8. It has a nominal current consumption of 6.9 Ampere.
    9. Type of cooling agent is R-407C.
    10. Sound value at a distance of 1 meter is 59 dB(A).
    11. Sound value at a distance of 3 meters is 56 dB(A).
    12. Dimensions of this commercial dehumidifier are 480 mm Length x 510 mm Width x 854 mm Height.
    13. The weight of the machine is 44 kg without packing.
    Main specifications

    Dehumidifier performance varies as at temp. 20 °C – 60 % RH is 30 litre per hour and at temp. 30 °C – 80 % RH is 55 litre per hour. For maximum capacity, dehumidification performance is 75liter per hour with a high air volume of 420 m³/h. This device works in a temperature range of 0 to 40°C and humidity 35 to 100% RH with the main electrical connection of 230 V/50 Hz with 6.9 Ampere in a dry keeping room with the size of 940 m³. Devise sound level in the 1-meter distance is 59 dB and 3 meters is 56 dB with a cooling compressor of R-407C.

    Dimensions of the device are 480mm (L) x 510 mm (W) x 854 mm (H) without packing and weight is 44KG.

  5. Industrial Dehumidifier model VAC-TTK 655S


    Industrial Dehumidifier TTK655S

    This is one of the exceptional commercial dehumidifier model uses for construction drying as well as clearing water damage. This model tried and tested in German industrial design to protect the device from dust and moisture and because of handles and wheels, it’s easy moving and can operate instantly after shifting.

    1. Dehumidification performance at 30 °C & 80 % RH is 125 litre per day.
    2. Dehumidification performance at 20 °C / 60 % RH is 44 litre per day.
    3. Maximum Dehumidification performance is 150 litre per day.
    4. Maximum air volume capacity is 1,000 cubic meter per hour.
    5. Recommended room size for construction drying is 750 cubic meter.
    6. Recommended room size for dry keeping is 1,470 cubic meter.
    7. It operates at a temperature range of 5°C to 32 °C.
    8. It operates at a Humidity range of 32%RH to 100%RH.
    9. It operates at 230 V, 50 Hz and consumes maximum power of 1.9 kW.
    10. Nominal current consumption is 8.7 Ampere with a recommended fusing of 16 Ampere.
    11. Compressor type is a Rotary piston compressor having cooling agent type R-407C.
    12. It generates a sound level of 56 dB at 1 meter.
    13. Dimensions excluding packing is 485 mm (L) x 605mm (W) x 810 mm (D) and has a weight of 55 kg.
    Main Specifications
    Industrial Dehumidifier TTK350S VackerGlobal

    Industrial Dehumidifier TTK350S

    Maximum dehumidifier capacity rises to 150 litres per day and it’s because of high performing heat exchange and fan system which has an air volume capacity of 1,000 m³/h.Dehumidifier capacity in 30°C temperature 80 % RH is 125 litre per day and in 20 °C temperature, 60 % RH is 44 litre per day.

    The device is functioning at a temperature range of 5°C to 32 °C and humidity range of 32%RH to 100%RH with hot gas defrost feature.  It functions in a main electrical connection of 230 V, 50 Hz and consumes 1.9kW with R-407C cooling compressor. This device produces sound level 56 DB in the 1-meter distance and uses a nominal current of 8.7 Ampere with the recommended fusing of 16 Ampere. Suggested room dimensions for construction drying is 750 m³ and for dry keeping 1470 m³.

    Without packaging devise measurements are 485 mm (L) x 605mm (W) x 810 mm (D) and it includes 55 KG of weight.

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Product Description of Industrial Dehumidifier

  1. Brief Title of the device: Industrial dehumidifier for reducing humidity in industries, factories, godowns etc.
  2. Brief Description of the device: This is an industrial dehumidifier for working in tough conditions. It has a maximum dehumidification capacity of 150 litres per day. This dehumidifier has a hygrostat to adjust the desired humidity levels.
  3. Model number: VAC-TTK 655 S
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1001000074
  7. Price (AED): 8150.00
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2020

FAQ on Industrial Dehumidifiers

  1. How many types of industrial dehumidifiers are available by technology?: There are two types of Industrial dehumidifiers viz. Condensation type and Desiccant type.
  2. How do I select the right type of dehumidifier by technology?: As a thumb rule, you may use condensation type dehumidifier when the room temperature is above 10 °C and a desiccant dehumidifier below 10°C.
  3. How do I select the right dehumidifier by capacity?: You have to calculate the required capacity of dehumidification. You may use our free dehumidifier capacity calculation software for this purpose.
  4. How do I make sure that that the dehumidifier meets the capacity requirements?: You will have to ask the supplier to produce the test report at different temperature and humidity levels.

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